HouseKeeping GaGa

As a housekeeper, you are responsible for all requirements of Marcus. Marcus likes to eat many foods but he is unhealthy. You should help him to distinguish the healthy food and avoid him to eat the dirty and unhealthy food. Unfortunately, Marcus was finally eaten some dirty food. The virus enters into Marcus mouth and starts their visceral travel. The virus falls down through the gullet. The virus starts to enter the stomach. You now have a gun and you should shoot down both viruses to prevent that they go to the small intestines. After the viruses were shot down, they formed large rubbish. And now you receive a remote control. After you pressed the start button, you realized that you can control the movement of the rubbish. You should move the rubbish out to Marcus’s body with no collision to the visceral. Finally the faeces can run out.


Jacky Cheung – Programmer
Cchung Wong – Graphic Designer